In the framework of an integrated management system (IMS)
Urmia Cement Company is developing by the provision of two decades of successful experience in the production and sale of cement (Portland 1cement and pozzolanic) and is entering to a new phase of life. This step is necessary in accordance with the policies and requirements of the current situation of the latest strategies in line with the approved strategies reconfigured to serve as a comprehensive framework for setting objectives and management processes should be considered.

Policy commitments focusing on two fundamental axes:
- better quality
-respecting to the nature
The following seven principles will be notified for understanding, planning, and organizing action to all managers, supervisors and employees.
1- Developing product quality by environment view to increase customer and society satisfaction for performance of the organization
2- reducing the final cost of production through productivity of assets and all factors of production especially energy resources
3- increasing market share and expanding organization name (brand) through improved communication, offering new products, facilitate the delivery and improving environmental performance
4- promoting a culture of excellence in product quality and results-oriented approach to environmental performance
5- Training organization human resources to improve capabilities and competencies of employees to develop process performance and product quality and  environmental consequences control
6- Supplying health care environment through improved occupational health and safety activities to ensure proper physical and mental condition for the successful implementation processes
7- Following-up and implementation of the latest laws, regulations and requirements adopted by the organization in the field of product quality and environmental performance, occupational health and safety
In order to ground the system to fulfill the commitments, the organization moves to the establishment of management systems (IMS) based on the requirements of the latest edition of authentic standards (OHSAS 18001, ISO14001, ISO9001) and continuously improve the effectiveness of the system to achieve sustained success of an organization to achieve outstanding performance results in line with the interests of all stakeholders of the organization.



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