Training and skills development

From exploiting until now, the concept of education has always been a special place and the cement has been considerable. The training is in line with the planning and execution of technical training, general management and specialized applications in the factory or educational institutions of the country, and professionals dispatched to attend training outside of the country (in Denmark, the Indian Swiss), respectively.
Education Branch uses the overall system performance and plans their training process to increase the amount of time, the effectiveness and efficiency of staff training and tries to make the application and effectiveness of the training courses and seminars and also uses the knowledge and expertise of local experts and professionals in the workshop according to the polls, and determines the need and prepares an approved program in a coherent and Training of Staff training at all levels, especially for the new staff.
Education Performance compared from 1995 to 1999.

Major in Education 2005  1996  1386 1998 1999
Accepting Intern 35 65 75 80 people 100 people
Education hour 4000 4000 4500 6700 people
7900 people
Education capital  7.7%
9.6% 11.5% 17% 20.7%
 Education budget 16.5 million 18.2 million 21 million 25 million people 35 million people
Effectiveness of the training 65.2% 67% 67% 70.7% 73%

The main activities of the company were staff training needs assessment project in Urmia Cement Co. Ltd for all posts of the organization to automate the process of review in 3 to 5 years.
After a training needs assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the effectiveness of training and education were in priority in the education of other students and visitors in the area of functional tasks, and initial training is actively for recruiting staff.
In the field of learning and staff development, including ancillary activities such as outreach and nutrition education and research, engineering and technical resources by creating a separate file on the local computer network with knowledge management in four separate files, Technical, managerial, financial and commercial information and update the public with information, staff can play an effective role.
It also encourages employees to continue their education and to promote educational levels of activity, performance; staff training is also reported to obey the laws.
Education and Training Unit prepares recipes for education regulations, which apply to processes and systems, A- program of in-service training, B- education and training of apprentice’s degrees c- promotion activities, D- ancillary activities in furtherance of the purposes of education.




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