Establishment of management systems

Efforts to deploy modern management systems (based on international standards) was started at the Uremia cement in 1995 to implement training / orientation training for managers and supervisors, and internal audit. In 1999, the quality management system according to ISO9002 - 94 was placed on the agenda after a year of intensive and sustained in in May 2000 and the company was awarded the certificate ordering from RWTUV IRAN.
The organization will continue to improve the management and utilization of new systems to enhance the Quality Management System of 2001 (based on ISO2001-2000 standard) and the establishment of environmental management systems) based on ISO4001 standards and standards-based Personal Health and Safety OHSAS18001 was another manifestation of the
Finally, in August 2002, Uremia cement obtained relevant certificates of participation (IMQ) and the International Union (IQNET) in the framework of an integrated management system (IMS) that the company is proud of its cement after certification of IMS, the adherence to the principles of its value so far managed to double the company's certificate of license renewal (IMQ) that is show that even in the middle of the standard definitions of institutionalized routines personnel of the company, we have more than 6 years of the country's top leading institutions towards excellence, committed to compliance with the Excellence Model (EFQM) and the active participation of national awards for excellence in quality and productivity management. Also, at certain periods of the year, regular meetings are held with the managers, suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of internal audit and reporting system based on Agent that will be evaluated and reviewed to coordinate and monitor the operation of the "IMS" excellence and the excellence of the management representative and sufficient authority designated by the Administration



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