Measuring environmental contaminants

Monitoring and measurement of environmental contaminants to express themselves to the plant were made until 2008 monthly,
that in the second half of that year based on the company policy, it was  conducted quarterly and contains the output parameters of wastewater treatment plant effluent and chimneys.
Plant monitoring and measuring emissions are in line with ISO14001 standard requirements that are done annually.  It includes all chimneys and output parameters of wastewater treatment, clean air testing, environmental noise, light and heavy vehicles exhaust and all parameters are related to occupational health and safety.
All measurements were done every three months in most IMS systems that have been analyzed and the analysis results are reported to senior management.
The calculated results are sent quarterly to the Department of the Environment. All measurements are performed by EPA Trusted Labs.
To treat waste water and to restore water for irrigation, they established key parameters such as BOD and COD treatment monthly to be measured.
If they see changes in the standards, they would implement corrective actions.
Among the projects defined in the field we had "research project and addressing the root causes of the high levels of BOD and COD in wastewater treatment" in 2007. The output current is measured in accordance with approved standards.



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