History of Urmia cement Company

1-1 General

Urmia LLP Cement Company was established unlimited on 1974.04.30with number 263 and recorded in companies headquartered in the city of Urmia on 30/09/1980 with an initial investment of some people in the area and changed from Rezaieh LLP Cement Company to Urmia LLP Cement Company by the extraordinary general meeting of the companies. Based on economy council, banks and mining industry as a major shareholder, it took liability management and financing of projects within the important cement projects. Construction of buildings, machinery, equipment and accessories were started in 1981 and operations started in the vicinity of the village Rashkan located 35km from Mahabad- Urmia Road in 1985 by building and installing machineries by domestic technicians. Urmia LLP Cement Company was launched in the eleventh anniversary of the Islamic Revolution (February 1989) to generate test clinker (prepared material for cement production) and started to produce in May 1990 by supply of cement to the domestic markets based on exploitation license number 75002 - 442003 issued on 02.09.1392 by the Ministry of Industry with a daily capacity of 2300 tons (690,000 annually) and 717,600 tons of cement annually. License number: 1283-5330505 has been issued on1991.07.10 In 1992 budget adopted policies about direct investment in industries from bank reserves, the issue of buying shares of a public corporation owned by Urmia cement was negotiated and ultimately the stock of social security receivables was transferred from the principal and interest paid on the investment of social security to the Bank of Industry and Mine.

2.1 The main activity of the company:
Subject of company activities based on Article 3 is establishing and exploiting from construction and operation of mines and factories in order to produce and sell cement and other building materials and related areas including the purchase and import of materials, machinery, equipment, spare parts and performing other activities permitted in commercial and industrial, and investment partnerships with individuals and entities associated with the above issues.
Core business is the production of clinker and first type cement and pozzolanic type in domestic and international markets.

Former Cement Factory Managers


Ali Mostashar


Dariush Hmaidi


Seyyed Mohammad Seyyed Yonesi


Kazeme Danshgar
Farhad Padidar Abdolhamid Salehi Mohammad Masuod Samiinejad Abdolreza Sheykhan





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