1- Contracts Branch is part of the Department's responsibilities under Cement Company management.
(A) Preparation of all contracts, including contracts of sale of goods and services other than the hired labor
(B) Preparing and organizing all tenders
(C) Monitoring the start and end of their contracts and continue
(D) Contractor Performance Assessment in periods of forty-five days
(E) Providing advice to managers, supervisors ... Urmia Cement Company Affairs in the development process rights of the parties under the contract
2- Raw material / spares / machineries / tools and equipments / consumable items and supplies / geometrical services
3- The request of the relevant units and senior management approve in the form of license purchase transactions Regulations
4- Evaluation is done in two ways:
A: Evaluation of the goods and services expected in the agreement
B: Evaluating the performance of suppliers in terms of environmental standards / safety / quality of IMS system
5- Vendors of goods and services introduce their natural or legal personality to Uremia cement and referred to the cement production or supply of goods and services, sales, parts and other goods and services based on their tastes to the manager.
6- Domestic and foreign facilities for the company are done based on trading approvals.
7- Urmia Cement tenders are done based on Limited and General Regulations.
Tenders important topics include:
A: Purchase of raw materials including iron ore, gypsum, rock Pozollan rock
B: Purchasing Services includes transportation fuel (mazut) | limestone transport, clay transport, financial consulting and engineering machines, purchasing software and support services to construction activities for transportation, equipment rental and maintenance of green spaces
C: The purchase of machinery / equipment / spares / material and refractory bricks / bags and sacks of pellet / steel / types of greases and oils
8- Currently bidding for construction and irrigation works are in progress
9- In near future, bids of loading limestone and clay / cooking and serving 450 foods daily for employees.
Current bid of Urmia Cement is selling three cars published in the world economy newspaper.
10- Tender documents are available in Tehran, Urmia office and in Urmia in contracts department
11- Description of Tender is inserted in tender conditions. Enthusiasts can take action based on it.
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