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Research in product
A summary of the major research efforts have been conducted in recent years
1-Study on possibility of cement Production
In the research department, it has been studying on the possibility of producing cement, so some of the main products of the factory after industrial and lab testing obtained standard application license like Pozzolanic Portland cement, particular pozollanic portland cement and 425-1 portland cement are particularly well on a number of studies have been carried out successfully during the pilot phase, If needed, there is the possibility of industrial production , these can be Portland cement type 2, PKZ cement, masonry cement materials and Balain cement.
2-Way to process raw mill capacity by 10%

Due to increase of furnace capacity in the years before, furnaces tonnage milled material was consumed responsibly. Variety of strategies offered to increase the installed capacity of the mill like installing Pre-crusher before the mill and replacing separator, but due to time being as well as high costs for the company, management recommended that if possible, the capacity of the process takes place through the Research Committee. Fortunately this comprehensive study was carried on ways to improve the process in the past few months on crushing and blending ingredients.
3- Replacing a portion of Gypsum by limestone
The project has been implemented since 1996, roughly equivalent to the consumption of limestone, gypsum is added to the clinker. This project improved the production of cement clinker and also increased by 2 to 3 percent. Annual Net profit for the year is over 5000 million Rials.
4-reduction of silica rock as corrective material
Studies on the effect of silica ore during 1997 compared to the previous year showed 50 percent decrease over the previous year and by about 20 percent over years ago. Considering that silica ore shipped from the factory about 300 kilometers from its consumption can have a significant impact on the cost of cement.
5- Plans to increase production and improve quality of pozzolanic cement by increasing the percentage of gypsum and lime Mix
The plan was proposed last year by the Committee of Research. It was adopted on 8 to10% blended gypsum and line at the time of pozzolanic cement to clinker, tis caused early strength of pozzolanic cement (which customers were disagree), cement production by 3-4 per cent, last year net profit was over ten billion Rials.
6-dealing with customer requests and complaints regarding supplying cement for specific projects
After technical review, the cement has been requested based on technical standards like the road between Uremia Lake, Shahre Chai Dam,... a number of customer complaints also been studied and the response has been provided.
7- Studying the occurring problems in the manufacturing process
Problems occurring in the process of operation and quality were studied and solutions were provided for the elimination of such problems that can be caused by a lack of cooking in the furnace, not proper wearing for good quality materials and cement mills, pellet forming materials in the furnce, a high level of clinker and Dust In different time periods noted.
A key element of success in the last years of Urmia Cement production in efficiency and enhancing the quality of cement production was a major consideration of research issues. Various research projects for the coming years are considered. They hope to reduce the cost of cement, more tender satisfactory to attract customers.



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